Spring and summer are well within sight, but there’s still a bit of winter chill in the air–which means it’s right time for IPL Hair Reduction!

Here are a few reasons why March is the perfect time to start.

1) There’s enough time to see results before summer.

All IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments require a series of at least six treatments for optimal results. Starting now means you’ll hit treatment number three in June, enough time to be well on your way to seeing results, including texture changes, reduced number of hairs, and less maintenance.

2) You’re still wearing layers.

Long sleeves and pants are still you’re best friends right now, so body treatment areas like legs, arms and underarms are still kept mostly under wraps. This is helpful for the brief downtime following treatment and the brief period of time before results start to take effect.

3) There’s less sunlight but the harsh winter elements are fading away.

Skin is more sensitive to sunlight in the immediate days following a laser treatment. While we insist that sunscreen is ALWAYS a must–no matter the season–winter and early spring means there are still fewer hours of sunlight and less periods of time for sun exposure. In addition, with the roughest parts of winter (hopefully) behind us, there’s less risk of irritation from harsh winter winds and icy elements like sleet.

Starting now does mean that your final treatments would fall during summer, but all it takes is an excellent sunscreen–which you should already have–and a little extra precaution around your treatment (we suggest planning around long days in the sun for festivals and other outdoor activities) to be safe!

If you’ve been dreaming of easier maintenance and less “whoops!” moments resulting in razor nicks and cuts, don’t wait! Call 765-644-6028 to talk to us about an IPL Hair Reduction series and prep for shorts and swimsuit season.