Why You'll Love the NEW iS Clinical Youth Intensive Creme | Lookworthy Face & Body Retreat

We love a new product.

We love it even more when it delivers amazing, rapid results.

The iS Clinical Youth Intensive Creme rounds out their Youth Intensive line with a rich, luxury formula that’s anti-aging, hydrating, and firming.

It provides instant gratification.

iS Clinical always does its homework. Extensive development and testing went into the Youth Intensive Creme before it hit our shelves to make sure it delivers outstanding results.

They’re test group was made up of female luxury skincare product users ages 42-68 who used the product twice daily for four weeks. The results?

A 100% increase in hydration, 77% increase in firmness, 43% improvement in skin tone, and a 26% improvement in skin texture. 

In addition, over half of them reported an increase in firmness within the first week.

It’s not congesting.

Thick, powerful cream products often come with the stigma of clogging pores. While it’s true for some, the iS Clinical Youth Intensive Creme penetrates the skin without congesting it. Instead, the multitasking ingredients–including botanically derived hyaluronic acid and copper tripeptide–go to work to improve skin while still letting skin breathe.

It’s for universal skin types. 

While those facing dry and combo skin are quick to reach for moisturizer, many with oily and sensitive skin hold back. Moisturizing, though, is key piece of the skincare puzzle.  The Youth Intensive Creme is considered a universal product for all skin types, delivering the same results across the board without worry to those facing sensitive or acne prone skin.

Ready to try it for yourself? We’d love to tell you more! Stop by today to see it in person and experience the luxury. Join us at our Holiday Ladies Night and Botox Event on Thursday, December 10, for a chance to see it and enjoy a chance at BIG savings.