Last week the Lookworthy team was excited to spend the day at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis for an Indiana iS ClinicalⓇ training day with our regional peers.

iS ClinicalⓇ is one of the newest product lines we’ve welcomed into the spa, and while we’ve all developed our favorite products in their impressive line-up, we continue to be amazed by all they offer and the meticulous detail and research that goes into their product development.

Here are some of our favorite takeaways from the event:

Botanicals are key building blocks for amazing skincare products.

The movement toward natural has certainly piqued in the last few years, and there’s a good reason. As the iS ClinicalⓇ team explained, our bodies respond better to botanical ingredients. This is why they combine botanicals–like various fruit acid extracts, centella asiatica, and plant derived hyaluronic acid–with the latest technology and scientific discovery to develop cutting edge products our skin embraces.

You can’t stop aging, but you can work with it.

There’s no magic solution to stop aging, and many of the processes your body needs to survive–like producing energy or healing wounds–are all parts of the same processes that age us. The good thing is that with the right products you can slow the effects or help keep the processes from getting too out of control.

iS ClinicalⓇ products have solutions for all of the four causes of aging:

  • Oxidative stress (free radical damage caused by factors like nutrition, pollution and smoking)
  • Inflammation (often caused by illness or chronic conditions)
  • Glycation (common in diabetics and those who consume high quantities of sugar)
  • DNA damage (most commonly caused by sun damage)

Pharmaceutical grade products matter.

If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between products you see on our shelves and those you can pick up at Wal-Mart, the main factor is the quality of ingredients. While most cosmetic quality brands feature similar buzzword ingredients–like hyaluronic acid–pharmaceutical grade products often feature higher and purer quantities of those active ingredients, making them more medical grade.

Dr. Charlene DeHaven, iS ClinicalⓇ’s Clinical Director, nailed this point with an image of cosmetic grade centella vs. pharmaceutical grade centella. While both featuring the same main ingredient, there was no question the two qualities were light years apart. The cosmetic grade featured excessive–and sometime dangerous–fillers to bulk it up, completely changing the color and consistency.

This is something we’ve known for years, but seeing the images of the difference between two served as a significant reminder that the investment is worth it.


We’re more enthusiastic than ever about sharing this product line with you! Stop by for a complimentary consultation to find which products are right for you and to sample the amazing results they provide.