Have you ever stocked up on new skincare products, gotten discouraged with the lack of results–or maybe even gotten the opposite results of what they were supposed to achieve–and chucked them in the trash?

The beauty aisle can look like an overwhelming wild west of moisturizers and serums, all shouting for your attention. But if you’re not fully in tune with your skin type and its needs, you’re bound to make a few wrong choices. That’s where consultations with an esthetician can make the world of difference.

If you’ve never had one before, here are four reasons to call your favorite spa and get one today:

They can help you identify your skin type & concerns.

Maybe you’re on the fence about your skin type, or you’ve always thought it was oily but dryness is really one of underlying problems. A skincare professional like an esthetician can examine your skin and ask all the right questions to land on your skin type. In addition, they’ll be able to identify common problems of that skin type and any additional concerns to consider based on their assessment and your skin’s history.

They can recommend treatments.

Not all treatments are created equal. Just because your best friend loved her peel doesn’t mean it will be right for you. Before diving in and signing up for a 3-pack of a treatment, a consultation will help make determine if what you’re seeking is right for your skin type. Even if you don’t have a treatment in mind, an esthetician can explain to you the best options to combat and/or prevent your common problems.

They can help you build a skincare routine.

Treatments can achieve beautiful results, but a daily routine is what will prolong them and continue you down the right skincare journey. Consultations are perfect for identifying the right products for you, whether you’re looking for a cleanser to combat acne or a night treatment to prevent wrinkles.

They can help you create a beautiful look.

Don’t know the difference between a bronzer and blush? Looking to achieve a stunning look for your wedding or upcoming social event? A skincare consultation paired with a make-up consultation will give you the full set of information and tools you need to look and feel your best every day! At Lookworthy, we love sharing Jane Iredale Mineral Make-Up–we’re the only Anderson, Indiana, spa to carry it–and the beautiful coverage it can achieve for you.

Interested in learning more about your skin? We’d love to chat! Stop by or call 765-644-6028.