7 Things Wreaking Havoc on Your Skin This Winter Lookworthy Face & Body Retreat Anderson IN Spa

Every season has its own unique mix of skin-wreaking factors, but perhaps no season creates such visible and miserable skincare problems like winter. We can’t magically make it spring, but here are some common skin-wreaking culprits to prepare for or avoid.

Cold air and wind

Yep, it’s probably obvious–cold air and wind can cause problems for your skin. The harsher elements are naturally drying, and those with sensitive skin might also easily experience redness and windburn. If so, be sure to stock up on a protective cream, like iS Clinical’s Shield Recovery Balm, and apply if you know you’re going to be outside for a prolonged period of time.

Hot showers

We know, we know–a nice hot shower on a cold day can warm you right up. It can also dry you right out. Try to keep the temperature to warm, not hot, and be sure to lather on a nice body oil and moisture-rich lotion afterward.

Lack of sunscreen

Break the sunscreen out of hiding! We have a tendency to think of sunscreen as a spring break or summer accessory, but it’s a year-round affair. The sun can still cause damage on the coldest and gloomiest of winter days. We can help you find the perfect sunscreen option for you to keep you protected head to toe.

Poor diet

‘Tis the season of rich comfort foods! This time of year we often gravitate toward heartier, unhealthier foods, but just remember–what you put in your body can show up on your skin, especially if you’re acne prone.

Less water

Water is the magical secret weapon for your skin. But when the temps go down, we often reach for dehydrating and caffeine-rich drinks like coffee and cocoa to warm up. Don’t forget to keep good ole water in the mix!

Lack of good lip balm

The skin on your lips is some of the most sensitive on your body. Stay protected with a good lip balm that has a moisture-rich, paraben-free formula and SPF. We’re in love with jane iredale’s LipDrink Lip Balm, which comes in a variety of sheer shades, including a colorless standard balm formula.

A harsh skincare routine

All skincare routines have the same building blocks, but the seasons can lead to necessary swaps. A great cleanser in the summer may become too harsh in the winter months, when creamy, rich formulas are better. In addition, you may need to cut back on the number of days you use some products while boosting how often you need others. Not sure what to do? We’re always happy to help you tweak your routine to find the best one to fit your needs!