How to Make a Skincare Plan Lookworthy Face and Body Retreat Lookworthy Anderson IN Spa

The bad news: we can’t take a magic wand and fix all of your skin care issues in one magical wave. The good news: with a little dedication and patience, you can achieve some wonderful results and create healthy, beautiful skin! It just takes a skincare plan.

Like every other big goal in life, your skincare can benefit from a plan to map out how you’re going to achieve your results and when you need a little boost. Here is a little guidance on how to build your own skincare plan:

Step 1: Assess where you are on your skincare journey

You likely fall in one of two categories: maintenance or change. If you’re younger–likely 20s or 30s–you might be in the maintenance category. You’re mostly happy with your skin but you want to make sure you’re maintaining where it is. This means jumping into prevention mode and maybe addressing a few small issues from your younger days, like acne scars.

If you’re jumping into your skincare journey a little later or you suffer from a more chronic condition–acne, hyperpigmentation, general signs of aging, etc.–you’re likely in the change category. There’s an issue that you’re hoping to address and you’re seeking products and services that will aid in its treatment.

Or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle–generally happy with a few smaller issues or tweaks. That’s okay, too!

Step 2: Figure out your timeline

If you have a big event coming up–wedding, reunion, etc.–you might be looking for results on a fixed timeline. If you’re a year or more out, great! This allows more flexibility for longer term treatments like IPL sessions or microneedling. If there’s less time, your plan will likely call for a series of treatments that have little downtime but give solid skin pick-me-up results.

Even if you’re not on a rigid timeline, it’s good to consider times when you might want to give your skin a little boost. The holidays are always a popular time for this. The change of seasons is another great time to consider a boost. In addition, some treatments are more optimal during a particular season. IPL treatments, for example, are more ideal in winter months due to less sun exposure. You also don’t want to do a chemical peel and leave for a two week cruise to the Bahamas the next day.

Remember to consider the timing of treatments, as well. While some can be done frequently, others, like Botox and filler, need to be so many weeks apart. What do you need to consider that might impact your timeline? If there’s a particular date you want to see results, work backwards to map out the optimal time for a treatment, remembering to factor in any possible downtime.

Step 3: Consider product transitions

What’s your regular skincare routine? While some products are great all year long, it’s always good to reassess every season to determine if you need a change. Cleansers are one of the more popular products to change with the seasons. In addition, as you see results from treatments, you may find a product is no longer the right fit. Entering a new phase in life can also mean adding a new product or graduating to a more potent formula.

Step 4: Consult with your skincare professional to finalize your skincare plan

When it comes to your skincare plan, your favorite esthetician is your partner in crime. Talk over your goals, the products you’re currently using, and what treatments you’re possibly considering. They’ll be able to help identify what’s working, some tweaks you can make, what products and services make sense, and work with you to map out the final timeline that fits your schedule and budget.

Step 5: Stick to the skincare plan!

The good news is there’s not a ton of hard work to see beautiful results with your plan. It just requires dedication to your treatment timeline and consistent use of product. Life gets in the way and your plan may need to change from time to time, and that’s okay! Your esthetician is here to help you revise and assess as you go.

Happy planning!

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