How to Take Care of Your Lips Lookworthy Face and Body Retreat Anderson IN Spa


Your lips–they help you talk, kiss, and–with a coat of your favorite lipstick–show off your style! But lips also require some special love. We rounded up some tips on how to take care of your lips winter and beyond.


Invest in a good lip balm

Not all lip balms are created equal! Skin the bargain bin and invest in something that features natural oils, antioxidants, and a healthy dose of SPF. Lips can burn and develop skin cancer like any other part of the body, so be sure you’re protecting them!

Take care of the skin AROUND the lips

The area around the lips can be just as sensitive as the lips themselves and are also prone to wrinkling. Apply your clear or sheer lip balm to the perimeter around your mouth, not just your lips, to keep them protected.

BONUS: The skin around your eyes is similar in sensitivity and thickness to the skin around your lips, which means there are many anti-aging products that target both areas, giving you more bang for your buck. We like Bio Jouvance Eye and Lip Wrinkle Filler.

Make lips part of your nighttime routine

We often swipe on lip balm on the go or when lips are feeling dry, but don’t forget to apply before bed! A rich coat will work overnight to keep your lips moisturized and ready to take on the next day.


Like every other part of your body, lips need a good dose of exfoliation. Sugar is one of the best exfoliants because it’s also a humectant, meaning it can retain moisture.

Avoid touching your lips

It’s tempting to want to pick at cry, flaky lips, but, like with everything else, picking will only make it worse. Skin on the lips is extra fragile, making damage more easy. Plus, dry, cracked skin is welcoming to bacteria and viruses, making it an invitation to illness.

Invest in moisture-rich lipsticks

Lipsticks can sometimes wreak havoc on lips, especially uber-matte formulas and drying stains. Be picky when it comes to the lipstick you choose to glide on. Lipstick formulas like jane iredale Triple Luxe feature natural oils and waxes with lip’s health in mind, keeping them hydrated and protected.

Take it off

Just don’t forget to remove your lipstick at the end of the day! Like the rest of your face, makeup left on the lips can trap dirt and not allow skin to breathe. A gentle makeup removing cloth like jane iredale Magic Mitt can do just the trick.

Stop licking!

When lip balm isn’t in sight, it’s tempting to lick your lips to keep feeling soft. But licking is a one-way ticket to drying your lips out even more. Saliva dries quickly, zapping moisture with it.


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