Nutrient Body Sculpt

You workout and eat right–yet the inches take their sweet time coming off, making for a frustrating slim down process.

Whether you’re aiming to dazzle at your high school reunion or feel fabulous in your favorite swimsuit, the Nutrient Body Sculpt System is your secret weapon for slipping into confidence and giving your regular weight loss and toning programs a boost.

What is Nutrient Body Sculpt?

Nutrient Body Sculpt Anderson, IN Lookworthy Face and Body RetreatThe slimming results also help improve your overall health, letting you feel as good as you look.

It’s the perfect companion to balanced eating and an active lifestyle, helping you get the sculpted, healthy figure you want in a shorter amount of time. Results can be maintained through your continued healthy lifestyle and follow-up maintenance sessions.

Each session includes a mineral-rich solution featuring Vitamins C, E, B3,and B5 as well as green tea and embolic fruit extracts to deliver a healthy, hydrating experience.



“I approached Lookworthy Face & Body Retreat after seeing the Nutrient Body Sculpt ad in the Great Deals magazine. I was looking for loss of inches and toning before my wedding and this treatment caught my eye.

Lyla was excellent at scheduling me right away with Lori to start my 8 session treatment. Lori was excellent as she was very knowledgeable about the product, process, and results. Lori was very flexible with my schedule and made sure I was able to complete the entire treatment before my wedding.

After each treatment my skin not only felt smoother and softer but I also lost inches after each session. My overall result was wonderful and I not only looked but felt great in my wedding gown! Thank you Lookworthy!”

Lesley Schroeder


Nutrient Body Sculpt services are sold in full-body packages to provide you the best results.

Multiple sessions allow you to maintain inches lost during a previous session and continue to lose additional inches. In addition, they will provide the most long-term results. 12 sessions have been known to be equivalent to liposuction.


6 Sessions for $1099