What is an Ampoule? Lookworthy Face & Body Retreat


Many of the services on our menu offer results that target specific skin issues–acne, fine lines, dryness, etc. But sometimes your skin needs an added boost! This is where ampoules come in to save the day.

What is an ampoule?

Ampoules are highly concentrated forms of serums that traditionally feature one rockstar active ingredient. A typical ampoule might be up to 90%-100% of the active ingredient–far higher than your traditional day-to-day serum. Ampoules are traditionally packaged in a single-dose vial. Because the ingredients are more potent, your skin is only able to absorb and use so much at one time; a single-dose vial helps cut down on product waste.

Why use an ampoule?

Ampoules are often formulated to deliver specific, targeted results over broader benefits. This means they’re a perfect addition to a treatment to boost and focus on a key results goal. They can work with other traditional serums and, in some cases, even boost their results when layered underneath.

When can I use an ampoule?

Ampoules are available as an add-on to almost any facial service at Lookworthy. Whether you’re looking to clear your skin, reduce the signs of aging, zap hyperpigmentation issues, or something else, there’s likely an ampoule that can help you achieve your results.

Some popular options include:
  • Hyaluronic Acid for intense hydration
  • Collastin for boosting both collagen and elastin production
  • Stem Cell Tenser, a growth factor ampoule with lifting and hydrating properties
  • Retinol for anti-aging and anti-blemish results
  • Instant Lift for a lifting boost (this is great for right before a special event!)

And more!

Curious to learn more about the right facial and ampoule combination for you? Stop by or call 765-655-6028.