Skincare technology is always shifting and improving, and we love getting to bring you cutting edge treatments to address your skincare needs.

Our newest addition: ultrasonic dermabrasion.

What is ultrasonic dermabrasion?

This treatment utilizes ultrasound waves to deeply penetrate skin’s layers. The waves help to activate and stimulate the skin’s surface, allowing for better infusion of serums into the skin. It also helps deep clean pores.

What are the results?

Ultrasonic dermabrasion removes dead skin cells for high-level exfoliation. Skin is left smoother, brightened, and–thanks to treatment serums–hydrated.

How does this differ from a standard microdermabrasion?

Regular microdermabrasion or dermabrasion utilizes a tool to “sand” skin’s outer layer for exfoliation. At Lookworthy we use crystal-free treatments, often delivered in conjunction with a HydraFacial experience, that are gentler on skin. Either option focuses on the top layers of skin and does not allow for as deep and thorough penetration as an ultrasonic option.

What is the difference between ultrasonic dermabrasion and radio frequency?

The most basic answer is that radio frequency utilizes radio waves while ultrasonic dermabrasion utilizes ultrasound waves. Both can move deeply through skin’s layers. Radio frequency treatments, however, use heat to stimulate collagen production in the skin, allowing for firming and tightening.

Questions or curious to learn more about ultrasonic dermabrasion or what treatments will address your skin needs? We’d love to chat! Stop by Lookworthy at our October 20 Ladies’ Night & Botox Event, where we’ll be doing an ultrasonic dermabrasion demo, or call 765-644-6028 to learn more.