Why Healthy Skin is Important Lookworthy Face and Body Retreat Anderson IN Spa


While we often talk about the beauty benefits of facials and products, our love of skincare is first and foremost about skin HEALTH.

The truth? Facials aren’t just a luxury, they’re important for maintaining healthy skin, which translates into better health overall! Here’s why healthy skin is important:

Skin is your barrier to the world

Skin is the largest organ in your body. From head to toe, it’s constantly working to prevent your body from infection and illness by blocking virus and bacteria-carrying microbes from entering your body.

When your skin is in good health, the barrier is at it’s strongest. Dry, cracked skin can allow microbes to more easily enter the body, which can translate into getting sick. Since your face is most often the skin most exposed–especially in winter–keeping the skin on your face healthy and happy is a must.

Skin helps regulate your body

Just as it blocks bad stuff out, skin’s barrier also works to keep the good stuff in. Healthy skin helps you maintain your hydration levels and is also responsible for regulating your body temperature, keeping you safe and healthy.

Skin makes Vitamin D

Yes, too much sun is a bad thing, especially when your skin isn’t protected with sunscreen. But sun exposure is also a way for your body to produce Vitamin D via the skin. When skin isn’t healthy, its Vitamin D production can suffer, which in turn harms your bone health.

Skin helps warn you when something is wrong

We feel the world through our skin–both good AND bad. Our sense of touch and skin helps us feel and react when needed (like removing your hand from something that’s burning hot). We also often have visual skin reactions when other things are off, like hives when we’re having an allergic reaction.


How healthy is your skin looking and feeling?