Why Men Need Pedicures | Lookworthy.com

Picture a pedicure and you’ll probably think of a woman having her toenails primped and painted.

The secret? Pedicures aren’t purely cosmetic; they’re a gateway for healthy feet and nails, meaning they’re not just for the ladies. Even the manliest of men benefit, but getting them into the spa might be an uphill battle. That’s why it’s great to keep these benefits in mind:

Removes skin to prevent painful calluses

Rough, thick calluses aren’t just unattractive. If left untreated too long they can become painful, cause problems when wearing shoes, or snag on sheets and blankets. In addition, they can lead to more serious complications in diabetics. A pedicure will gently remove calluses and any dead skin that could lead to future calluses. The end result is soft, touchable feet.

Gets feet clean

Feet come in contact with dirt and bacteria throughout the day, especially when wearing flip-flops and sandals or going barefoot. Getting regular pedicures will help remove this dirt and bacteria, especially under toenails, which are often an afterthought in the shower.

Keeps toenails healthy

Speaking of toenails, the proper cleaning and trimming of toenails during a pedicure is key for preventing a host of problems. Products like Footlogix, which we use during our Medi Pedicure, help tackle toenail fungus, while proper trimming and filing will help prevent painful ingrown toenails.

Combats odor

Foot odor is a common complaint, and the root cause is often treatable bacteria that a pedicure can zap. Regular trips to the spa will help keep foot odor under control.

Helps you relax

We can’t lie–the relaxing experience of a pedicure is one of the best perks. The warm soak and massage on top of the basic foot care are a fabulous way to escape for a bit. They’re also the perks that keep individuals, men included, coming back for more. We’ve seen plenty of male clients resist the pedicure experience at first and come out raving fans. It’s hard to not love it!

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Photo Credit: Flickr